My Area, Gaspe and the Gaspesie

Gaspe, the birthplace of Canada, discovered on july 23th, 1534
By Jacques Cartier.

The city of Gaspe is sandwiched between two natural wonders, the famous "Percé Rock" and the exquisite beauty of the "Forillon Nation Park". It is not only a great place to raise a family but, also a paradise for the avid outdoorsman. Boasting three salmon rivers, trails for cross country skiing, skidoo-ing and atv’s, an 18 hole golf coarse and a ski centre only five minutes from town.

What I like most about my little corner of the world is all that water surrounding us and the scenery it creates, combined with the calm, serenity and the harmony which is predominant.

A comment I often hear from former Gaspesian’s ,

"You can take a Gaspesian out of Gaspe, but you can not take Gaspe out of a Gaspesian".